Saturday, 24 August 2013

Reading Quandary - What do I read next.

I recently received Dux Britanniarum from the Two Fat Lardies stable.

I have skimmed through the rules a few times and have read some of the chapters to do with background and force creation. I am still painting figures, almost finished my Britons and am about to start on my Saxons. It will be a few weeks yet before I have to read these rules properly.

I have just finished a major skim through The Wargaming Compendium by Henry Hyde. A weighty tome indeed, 519 pages covering 11 chapters. I strained my wrists holding it upright as I tend to do most of my reading in bed late at night. The Compendium covers just about everything you need to know about wargaming even if you are a crusty old devil like me. A good bible for a youngster to follow.

I will certainly read and re-read many of the chapters in due course, especially the one on gladiator rules as I think they may have some mileage.

I have just started reading The Swordbearers by Correlli Barnett. This is a study of supreme command in the First World War and focuses on four commanders. Colonel-General von Moltke, Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, General Philippe Petain and General Erich Ludendorff. The backpage claims that these characters span the war years although I fail to see why he couldn't include Field Marshal Douglas Haig!

This book can be picked up very cheaply on the internet.

Before I got as far as Chapter 2 in The Swordbearers two parcels dropped through my letterbox.

First of all was Chain of Command by the Two Fat Lardies. A long awaited publication which has caused quite a stir in certain circles. I can't wait to get started although I have pledged myself to get my Dux Britanniarum forces on the table first. They are a radically nice set of rules though!

I need to check out my 20mm (1/72) World War Two collection or perhaps my 10mm collection. Both are suitable. I also think my chums have enough forces in 28mm and 15mm to get us going.

The second book was Second World War Infantry Tactics by Stephen Bull which tells me it will cover the infantry combat experiences of the British, German and American armies in Europe.

So, therein lies my quandary. Do I finish reading The Swordbearers (I have started so I will finish) although I am only reading this until something better turns up. Or, do I start reading Infantry Tactics so that when I read Chain of Command I can perhaps understand better what Richard Clarke is trying to simulate (emulate). Then again I should maybe read Dux Britanniarum as this will be the next ruleset in use on my wargaming table but I will have to finish painting some figures first. Or, finally should I have a proper look at the gladiator rules in the Wargaming Compendium as I have gladiator figures already painted and ready to go.

I just don't know!


  1. Chain of Command as that's what all the cool kids are reading and the Wargaming Compendium as your 'bathroom' book.

    1. I understand your thinking Ferb but I tend to avoid what the 'cool kids' are doing. I do take notice of the 'less cool older wargamers' so Chain of Command is still in there!

      The Wargaming Compendium will find its own niche in my environment.

  2. I'd suggest reading Chain of Command, playing a few games of it then reading Infantry Tactics to improve your play. Then when you have finished painting your troops for Dux Brittaniarum, read those rules. As for Henry's book I'd put it on the backburner as that should be more of a long winter evening, with a brandy, read.

    1. Thanks Mark. Chain of Command is gaining favour although sorting out troops and painting my Dark Ages stuff will clash with each other.

      I'm not sure I would be allowed a glass of brandy but I could probably sneak a glass of port into the library!

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    1. Hi Jur

      I'm sure I can resolve this Crisis in due course which reminds me to ask if you will be at Crisis 2013?