Thursday, 29 August 2013

Old School Ancients - Battle in the Pass

I have a game in progress on table at the moment. A Greek Confederation army is attempting to force a pass through the mountains while a Spartan army rushes to stop them.

Here you can spot two large units of Spartan hoplites snaking towards the pass supported by some Macedonian cavalry and a unit of helots on the high ground above the pass. Contact so far has been between accompanying light units but nothing will stop their heavier comrades coming to blows.

The mountain road passes through a swampy area where there is little room for deployment.

A unit of Italian mercenaries armed with deadly Pila come thundering down the road and may cause an upset amongst the Spartans.

More Greek infantry await their chance just around the corner.

There are plenty of them.

These chaps will be unimpressed, 'We are Spartans', they shout.

This game will be continued at a later date. The figures are all old 25mm mostly from Minifigs, Garrison and Greenwood and Ball. The rules we used are Slim Mumfords Ancient rules dated 1972.

Now that's Old School.


  1. "Now that's Old School"

    And then you spoil it by using that new-fangled hex terrain. And taking photos in colour. Using a digital camera too :)

    And I bet you didn't wear a shirt and tie whilst playing either :)

    1. Thank You Kapitan

      I will try harder next time. I do have a collection of Old School terrain too!

      My digital camera will also take photographs in black and white, I might try that sometime. I think I still have a 'film' camera somewhere and I probably (almost definitely) have photos taken of a wargame using a Polaroid camera, in black and white.

      I also still have shirts and ties although I never have and never will wear them together during a wargame.

  2. I thought I as old school with my liking for WRG 6th

  3. Those figures bring back memories ! excellent looking game .

  4. Looks good and vaguely familiar in a comfy sort of way.

    However, after comments, I'm trying not to picture you wearing a tie and no shirt while playing.

    1. I don't think my wargaming friends would forgive me if I wore only a tie and no shirt while playing a game. They come to play games not made sick!

  5. Very nice report with excellent looking troops!

  6. The Spartans were done many years ago by my own fair hand but more recently rebased singly to make use of different sabots for different rulesets.

    The Italian mercenaries were an eBay purchase which I stripped and repainted.

    The various Greek States hoplites were a club second-hand purchase where I just touched up the paintwork and rebased the figures. The shields are not my work.

  7. very nice looking game, very colorful! Just how old are those minis and who is the maker, they look great!


    1. Hi Tom

      I would have acquired some of those figures during the 1970's. In particular the Spartans as I bought them brand new from a shop in town. They are at least two different generations of Minifigs.

      Most of the Greeks with varied shield patterns will be Greenwood and Ball figures from the 70's and the 80's although I only acquired some of them quite recently.

      There will be a few figures made by Garrison, mostly officers and musicians.

      I hope to acquire more in the future as they occasionally appear on the market and there are still some companies who stock equivalent figures. I will post about any additions.

      I hope to get some Persians and perhaps some Ancient Indians to provide them historical opponents.

    2. Tom

      Some of those figures were at this event.

      This would be 1974.