Wednesday 14 August 2013

Dux Britanniarum - Plastic Cavalry - The Build

I need a few mounted figures for Dux Britanniarum, 4 Shock Cavalry and 4 Light Cavalry for the Britons and 4 Light Cavalry for the Saxons. In line with keeping the overall cost down I purchased a box of Wargames Factory Celtic Cavalry which conveniently comes with 12 horses.

The figures are multi-part hard plastic, the horses are in 2 halves with separate heads and can all be made unique by mixing left and right sides with any one of 4 different heads. The riders come in both armoured and unarmoured bodies, 12 of each, with lots of separate heads, separate right arms and a lot of weapons and shields.

Here are the 4 I chose for the British Light Cavalry.

The next 4 will be the British Shock Cavalry.

The final 4 will be the Saxon Light Cavalry.

I snapped each figure individually before I get around to the paint jobs.

As you can see there is a great variety of poses and finishes available in this boxed set. Closer inspection will reveal some mould lines yet to be cleaned and I will do that before I start the painting process.

I have textured the bases as I use the same undercoat colour for the figures and the bases and it also helps bind the filler together.

You can see the filler is quite grainy although it can be smoothed with a wet palette knife. I use this stuff below.

It dries overnight and is fairly tough, takes paint well and I use it for all my basing texture needs.


  1. Nice variety of built figures Jim. Look forward to seeing them painted....

  2. They are in a long queue of figures, some almost finished, some barely started.

    I will blog them once they are all complete.

  3. I use much the same stuff myself. Good work on knocking a lot of use out of one box of figures.