Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Trees without bases sorted out

During my recent de-cluttering of the wargames hut I came across a box of trees, the flocked twisted wire variety. I do not recall how I came to have them, probably a donation from a friend so perhaps cost me nothing.

The downside was that the trees had no bases!

While I am stuck with Painters Block I thought I would have a go at basing them. Here is how I did them.

I cut some 50mm squares from a gray PVC foam board which I get from eBay.

I have no connection with the seller.

I round these off using a combination of snips, a coarse file and sandpaper. I also drill a pilot hole in the approximate centre to be enlarged later. I also make another set about 35mm square and round them off too!

I enlarge the central holes with a larger drillbit until the twisted wire trunks fit in with a little bit of persuasion.

 I then glue the two bases together with the holes lined up and then I insert the trunks into the hole using a twisting motion and the twisted wire trunk will make a good firm connection. Make sure you don't go right through or the tree will wobble on its base.

I make sure the base of the trunk is well coated with glue as this will strengthen the join as well as adding a bit of irregularity to the trunk.

This is the glue I used, from a local hardware store. It take a few hours to dry but makes a very strong bond that will last forever. It also takes acrylic paint nicely.

As you can see the trees rank up nicely together and their bases will receive a scenic finish in due course. I did 9 trees while watching some Youtube movies as a touch of therapy while trying to pluck up the courage to attack my Painters Block.


  1. Jim,

    I had not heard of this glue before ... but having read about it sounds perfect for this sort of job.

    I have some palm trees that need attaching to their bases ... and now I think that I have the solution as to how to fix them!

    All the best,


    1. As it says on the cardboard packing it can deal with a variety of materials, wood, metal, leather, plastic, stone and glass. It cost just under £8 at my local B&Q.

  2. I had some similar trees and used pliers to splay out the bottom 5mm or so of wire and glued this to a flat base. The effect was reminiscent of Roco pine trees. This gives a thinner overall base though your method is probably quicker. Will look out for that glue which could be useful.

    1. Hi Nigel

      I have used your method before with other trees. The twisted wire on these trees was quite robust and would be a struggle to splay out!