Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Breaking Painters Block

I tried an experiment in an attempt to break my Painters Block which has halted my efforts to bring another six regiments of my Spencer Smith ACW regiments to battlereadiness.

Going to another extreme I decided to paint just one figure instead of a batch of one hundred and fifty. I also selected a reasonably complicated figure instead of a simple figure in the toy soldier style.

Here is how I got on over 3 days of a few short painting sessions.

For those of you not in the know this is Sergeant Gideon of the Blood Angels. Note I have added to the supplied base to make it more stable, essential in a gaming environment.

Have I broken the Painters Block, time will tell. I have another twelve figures similar to the Sergeant to fit in.


  1. Doing something entirely different at times is the secret I think

    1. And I have so many different unfinished projects to do!

      In my defence I have quite a few finished projects to my name as well.

  2. He's nicely done up. I like his big black hammer.
    I find it helps to have various projects on the boil as well... it might slow things down a bit but it seems to keep them all moving.

    1. I used a picture from WD as a painting guide without getting too anal about it. After 50 years in the hobby my eyes can't take it.

      Again over the 50 years I have completed many many projects but I probably have just as many yet to finish.