Saturday 30 March 2013

Painters Block and the Zombie Effect

Having got a bit stuck finishing off the XMAS Brigades, Painters Block they call it. I get a bit Zombified when I try to get started, give up after a few minutes and dread going back to them.

I have been using the time to do a spot of re-arranging my storage in the wargames hut.

Well, not just a spot of re-arranging, more a case of a complete overhaul.

I started by rummaging about in the loft to see how much space there was available. I found a lot of stuff that I had forgotten about. For example I came across two Atari 400s, a gigantic disc drive and a carrier bag of power supplies, game controllers and floppy discs. Time for the dump I thought but my eldest daughter spotted them and claimed them, valuable heirlooms she said. At least they are out of my way.

I also found several boxes of unmade plastic kits, mostly American trucks and half tracks, they can wait in the loft for another day. A surprising find was a box of old Science Fiction Paperbacks, Lensman Series and Dorsai and a few more. That's my summer holiday (re)-reading sorted out.

I managed to ignore more boxes further back in the loft as I had made enough space to consider removing some underused stuff from the wargames hut.

Back in the hut I continued a purge of various sized cardboard boxes and reinstalled their contents into a new batch of Really Useful Boxes. I now have well over sixty of them and I think I still need a few more yet.

I identified a bundle of wargaming stuff that I'm unlikely to use but too good to give away. I may well stack them back in the loft or I may try to sell them as there are some good bits in there. I have Tide of Iron and one of the Supplements, Attack, and Doom (with all the figures painted). I might display them via this blog if there is any interest.

Finally I had some of the lads down for a game, Zombies, you guessed it!

Here's me, bottom left, the handsome chap in red plotting a route through the zombie hoard towards the as yet undeployed helicopter which I succeeded in doing. The game itself is a lttle gem and good for filling out an otherwise spare evening.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, a great game indeed. There are several strategies to follow and recognising when your current strategy is inadequate and changing to a better one is the key to winning while simultaneously screwing up your oponents strategies!

  2. Atari 400's - takes me back to our youth. Did they have the addon stick on keyboard?
    Old Star Raiders is still a classsic.

    1. Come to think about it they might be Atari 800s, they have full sized keyboards.

  3. It's good your daughter intercepted the old video game stuff on the way to the dump--believe it or not, the old systems are prized by collectors! The older the better. I sold our old Intellivision and original Nintendo (and their games and whatnot) on eBay and made a nice bit of money.

    Isn't it weird how people will spends lots of money on exotic (pause)hobby (longer pause)stuff (still longer pause) Hmmm, I guess maybe I'm in no position to comment.

    1. I did know that the old Atari stuff is probably worth something. I am trying to be a bit single minded and make progress on a narrow front. I need space in the loft to store away some underused wargames stuff so that I can play bigger games on a bigger table. I am of an age in that the time I have left on this planet is more limited than I would wish and I want to get some more decent gaming done before I go. I have had my fun with the Ataris but that was me some decades ago and I won't go back.