Sunday 17 March 2013

Holiday Flyby

I know it was only a week in the sun but the time seemed to flyby.

Speaking of flybys I did see, altogether too late, a Spanish Navy plane zoom overhead, not too high up which then disappeared out to sea at lower than rooftop height.

I couldn't get a decent photograph to identify it but my best guess would be one of these!

The colour scheme was grey-ish, maybe dull-ish silver with dayglo orange flashes.

If you have sharp eyes you can maybe catch a glimpse of it in the middle of this picture. It came in from my left over a headland and dropped down to below the rooftop height of the white tower in the mid ground before starting to gain altitude as it passed the launch towing the orange parasail.
Here's the best close-up I can make, it was a phone-camera after all.
And, Alan, I'm sorry, my brain never turned to gladiator rules.


  1. Nope couldn't see that at all. Glad you had a good week in the sun. Where were you anyway?

    My old man's in Murcia just now, and moaning about the heavy winds last week - we had SNOW and he's moaning!

  2. Hi Vlad

    If you click on the first photograph it should increase in size and perhaps bring the aircraft into view.

    It is just below the apparant horizon and above and to the left of the central tree.

    The location is Tenerife.

  3. So what other gaming plans did it go to instead I'm wondering...

    1. Nothing more than an attempt to raise the stakes in getting the XMAS Brigades finished (They are almost done) and what do I paint next.

      As usual I have several other projects nearing fruition. Gladiators are just one of many!!

  4. Welcome back - hope there was plenty of good food and wine!

    1. Good food there was in plenty but neither myself nor my wife will drink much in the way of wine. The hotel gave us a free bottle of wine as we checked in and I think we had a small glass each and the rest was poured away

      I did have a few pints of Guinness while watching various sporting activities in a sports bar just out the back door of the resort. I watched my local derby game on a giant screen in solitary company. I guess there weren't many Jambos or Hibbees around.