Sunday, 26 May 2019

May Status Report 2019

Things have been chugging along albeit a bit slowly.

Healthwise there is more good news than bad news.

Full body and head scans show that there is no sign of any further cancer, yes, a brain was detected and it was showing the appropriate signs of aging (big number now).

I have some symptoms pointing at an intestinal problem and my blood pressure is still alarmingly high (161/104). More tablets and tests to come.

The active stuff on the back burner has produced enough of an army to take a picture or two and the front burner has finished a Regiment for a chum.

Above is a 10mm French Division aimed at the Portable Napoleonic Wargame by Bob Cordery.

You can see a Brigade of two Infantry Regiments with their Brigadier in line supported by a second Brigade of two Infantry Regiments in column and their Brigadier.

On the flanks are the Artillery Batteries belonging to the infantry brigades.

To the rear are two Regiments of Cavalry and their Brigadier.

In their midst is the Divisional General.

You can see they take up a 7 x 4 hex grid which is tiny compared to the whole table.

At this this scale I can field multiple Divisions so making up a Corps and still have room to manoeuvre.

I hope to have four Divisions (and their opponents) ready for battle testing soon.


This is the second Infantry Regiment of 7YW Prussians I am doing for a friend.


Complete with Regimental Artillery from the full Brigade.

IR 11 for those that like to know.

Hope everyone else is in good shape.


  1. Replies
    1. They are not as nicely painted as I would like but they are painted as well as I can.

  2. Glad to hear your doing well , like the look of that grid game .

    1. Thanks.

      The interesting bit about the grid game is that this starts with a 'vanilla' corps i.e. line infantry and line cavalry. It will be another step up to be able to field some superior troops and I don't know yet whether I can squeeze enough into my tablespace.

  3. Great to see that your health situation has at least stabilized and that you are making time for the hobby again. Nice work with the brush!

  4. Thanks Jonathan

    I think I did some wargame bits and pieces the day before my surgery and did some more just a few days afterwards. I'm sure it was the hobby that kept me going, even on the dark days.

  5. Jim,

    It's great to see that the worst problem you have to cope with is an intestinal one, and that you are clear of cancer. Having had duodenal ulcers, intermittent internal bleeding (for which the doctors cannot find a cause), and a constant battle with indigestion, I can appreciate how unpleasant intestinal problems can be ... but it's better than having to deal with cancer and its treatment regime.

    I am very impressed with your 10mm figures, and once my current COW project us complete, I'm going to try painting the ones you sent me. Having seen them, I realised that the prospect isn't quite as daunting as I expected. You never know, I might be 'converted' to wargaming with 10mm figures!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Bob

      Look up Diverticulosis and you will see where I am.

      I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with on the 10mm front.

      I was thinking the other day about Rourkes drift on a 1 to 1 figure scale, not too bad for the British but still an awful lot of Zulus.

    2. Jim,

      Very unpleasant, and some of the symptoms sounds rather familiar.

      I hope that the treatment is effective, and you are back to good health ASAP.

      All the best,


    3. It is fortunate that diverticulosis in its mildest form is manageable with dietary management. I have to switch from a high fibre diet to a low fibre diet when necessary to avoid flare-ups. When it flares up it is extremely painful.

  6. A brain was detected... no wonder your blood pressure is high....
    You have managed this long without one... get rid of it asap it will only hold you back..;-).
    I have just bought the Portable Napoleonic Wargame... I am looking forward to seeing what it offers...
    Nice toys....

    All the best. Aly

    1. I'm a walking heart attack/stroke risk they tell me.

      The PNW is a great entry point for getting into the period without too much in the way of historical baggage.

      Keep an eye on my blog as I intend to report as we go along.

  7. Glad the CT was clear! - MY BP was about the same level a year ago, and has been brought under control by a Calcium antagonist (Amlodipine).
    I assume you will be soon back to normal too!!

    Love the Prussians, they are nice figures painted to a great standard!

    1. I have been on Lisinopril and Clopidogrel for a while and they have added Amlodipine now. Unfortunately this combination is not great for kidneys and I only have one now.

  8. Good news on the health front Jim!