Friday 12 April 2019

Waterloo Farm

Here's a preview of the Waterloo Farm I am doing for The Great Game this summer.

The Main House

The Farm House

The Gateway

The Small Stables

The Long Stables

The Great Barn

The Courtyard

Almost all in place

The whole complex is about 18" square

A Field Forge

An incoming casualty

The Water Cart may be too late

The Blacksmith at work

A cart with nowhere to go

All this is work-in-progress, hopefully not for much longer


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    1. Thanks guys.

      The sheer scale of the building made it a daunting project. I had to use many of my modelling skills and experiences to get the project off the ground.

  2. Replies
    1. A key element in getting this building to look right was Warbases Roof Tiling Sheets. I used about 7 or 8 of them in total and that took a few days in itself.

      This building along with others from the Great Game will be up for auction after the event in June.

  3. Looks great Jim,
    I always find these things fiddly to put together good to see how it turns out with some skill applied.

    1. It's been a big build, difficult in places but I have got off lightly considering the magnitude of the project.

      Somebody (more than one) has to build all the other battlefield buildings. I only had to paint 80 figures, others have to provide 22,000 troops, that's an awful lot. Someone has to provide a wargames table 24m by 8m, that's about 100 standard tables (6x4). Someone has to marshal 80 wargamers of several nationalities. Someone has to make sure the dozen or so umpires are consistent in their adjudications.

      A big MDF building, och, easy.