Sunday 1 February 2015

Baccus 6mm ACW

I visited Vapnartak today.

I bought only one box of figures;

but it was a BIGGIE;

well, actually a SMALLIE ( really lots of smallies)

The Smallies look a bit like this.

They'll look a bit better once I throw some glue, paint and flock at them

They came from here:

What did you buy?


  1. Nice.. now spray one side blue, one side grey... wash with inks and done ;-)

  2. Not a lot - Some bases- a SF figure - a pack of foundry arab type ,matchlock men - a couple of dice and some painted markers - a few bases - an interesting book on war in the mediterranean in the 1500s - less than £30 for the lot.

    We had our usual busload of 20 plus down from Falkirk - it is a fun way for us to spend our excess funds. There is talk of a trip down to the armouries in October if there is enough interest

    1. A nice little bag of goodies David.

      I could have scored 20 plus 'Death Race 2000' points if I had raced past the badly placed Falkirk bus instead of edging past towards the car park.

    2. Thanks for your restraint- It cost you bragging rights at SEWC though!

    3. Technically speaking I am not a member of SESWC any more. I haven't paid my subscription for this year and I don't see me doing so as I don't play at the club these days.

  3. Ahh, you have entered the world of madness.

    I've been painting some of these up recently - 8 bases worth of Union infantry - with more to come over the next few months. I've listed the paints I used in this post:

    Have fun.

    1. Thanks Tamsin

      I had a look at your blog just the other day. If my figures turn half as good as yours I will be a happy man.

      I've lived in the world of madness for quite a while now, I feel quite comfortable there.

      I'll report on my 'mania' status in due course.