Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bearing Up

Bear with me guys.

I managed to slap some paint on some bases last night and flocked some other bases.

I hope to get my camera out this evening.


Doc says I'm due a gall bladder scan.


  1. Glad the doctor is moving ahead with your diagnosis procedures.

    1. Yup, an overnight visit to the local infirmary followed by a consultation with my own GP has resulted in this change in diagnosis.

  2. Let's hope you are feeling chipper soon. Good luck. FWIW, I had some pretty serious stomach pains last year , we eventually worked out it was caused by my posture when painting (all my gizzards were being squashed). I now have a 2 tier desk so I can stand up and paint every so often.

    1. My painting desk is quite high and I rest my elbows on while I paint so my spine is fairly vertical so I don't think I am squashing myself much.

  3. Jim,

    The change in diagnosis makes sense, and one hopes that the scan will confirm it so that the necessary treatment can begin.

    I have also managed to do a bit of basing over the past few days. It is an ideal task to do whilst one is feeling under the weather as it doesn't require a lot of concentration but one feels that one has got something useful done.

    All the best,


  4. My wife had her gall bladder removed some time ago, it didn't seem to change her much apart from a reduction in pain.

    Finishing the bases is an essential part of the hobby procedure but I am putting off some of the detailed work that the next couple of units are waiting on.