Thursday, 30 October 2014

Am Off to Crisis 2014 in the Morning

Just a last quick blog entry before I try and get a few hours sleep before setting off towards Antwerp for their annual wargames show CRISIS.

I'll be flying out Edinburgh International at 6 am so I expect to be exhausted before I get there.

Here's the queue from last year. I hope it will be drier this year.

My club, SESWC, put on a pre-release demonstration of THE RAIDERS which was a supplement to the popular DUX BRITTANIARUM by the Two Fat Lardies.

Here are the 'untamed wild men' ...

Oops, sorry, here are the 'untamed wild men' ...

This small table was the scene of many a cattle raid amidst a swishing of kilts (or maybe it was the broadswords swishing).

I had a look around the show for some TRAINS (but only found the tracks);



All in all, Crisis is a great show, you really need to be there to appreciate it, the TSA guys would like you to be there.


  1. Jim,

    Have a great time. I wish I was going to be able to join you ... but not at 6.00am!

    All the best,


  2. I'll probably be zooming high over your head around 6.30 am so if a really noisy planes wakens you up it might be me, sorry.