Thursday, 16 October 2014

Work In Progress - 12mm Napoleonics - 2 Months On

Slow but steady progress is being made as, hopefully these photographs will show. Most bases are finished with tufts in place. I may add a few more tufts in due course, maybe some static grass too.

Some late hard landscaping in my garden and also preparation for an upcoming show has added a lot of clutter to my recently cleared table top. Never mind, it will soon be too cold and windy and wet outside to get much more done this year so some of the clutter will disappear shortly.

This is the current scene.

An understrength French army ready to go.

Light Infantry

A Grand Battery

More Light Infantry

Line Infantry

The Commander, anyone recognise him?


More Line Infantry

Facing them, the Anglo-Portuguese.

A couple of Foot Artillery batteries.


Regular Light Infantry

Some more Foot Artillery

Light Dragoons on the Left Flank

A 'thin red line' awaits events

Light Dragoons on the Right Flank

The Commander 'noses' about

Portuguese Light Infantry - Cacadores - recently raised

Portuguese Line Infantry - fresh off their painting sticks

Five units, 3 British, 2 French waiting on their bases drying. I use Windsor & Newton inks to shade my bases. I like to let them dry for a couple of days as a varnish will lift any ink that is not completely dry.

More Portuguese Line Infantry - just about ready

French reinforcements - coming soon - 2 Wurzburg and 1 Grenadier

So, there you are, as up-to-date as I can make it.

I have a show up North this weekend and another show in Belgium the following weekend, maybe I'll get a game in thereafter.

Hope so!