Tuesday, 15 October 2013

SKELP - Forfar 19th October

Weather permitting I hope to travel a bit further north than most UK wargamers normally manage.

SKELP is a nice little show and well inside a 2 hour drive for me. I would hope to travel up with a few wargaming chums.!page4/cfvg

Since I already have a substantial lead, plastic and resin mountain I am not in need of anything in particular but you never know what will catch my eye on the day.

For me this is a show to catch up on a few friends and also see what my club are up to.

Anyone else planning to go?


  1. Jim
    Just read your comment at Emp v Elct re my figures...
    Can you tell me more?
    p.s Sadly not able to go to SKELp this time

  2. Replies
    1. Alan

      I replied to your email address saying:

      'One of my chums was in Stockbridge and asked in the charity shop about the wargame figures recently brought in. He was told that they thought the figures weren't worth selling and had passed them on to their recycling contact!'

  3. Enjoy the day out, just avoid one of the dullest roads in the country on the way up!

    Although I won't make it, a others from the Aberdeen wargames club should make it.

  4. It's quite a pleasant drive up from Edinburgh. Better scenery than any in town.

    I don't get out much except when on holiday so it is a good change of scene.

  5. I too like the Angus scenery especially at this time of year.
    Email didn't arrive Jim but thanks for letting me know,
    I still cannot believe it...

    1. My chum left his contact details with them in case anything similar turns up!