Sunday 20 October 2013

SKELP - For Those Who Missed it

SKELP is a small but perfectly formed wargames show held in Forfar every autumn by the Angus Wargames Club.

I travelled up with a couple of wargaming chums through an increasingly damp patch of weather which culminated in a heavy shower just as we parked the car across the road from the Reid Hall. A brief sprint through gaps in the traffic led us to the admission desk 15 minutes before the scheduled opening time but we were let in regardless.

The small hall was already filled with traders and demonstration games.

My short shopping list was quickly exhausted with visits to:


I got some more round MDF bases from Martin to make more smoke markers and patrol markers for Chain of Command and some PINNED markers from Eric. (name dropping completed)

I was disappointed in that no-one was selling lots of rules sets and subsequently I couldn't browse through a copy of Dead Man's Hand which I was hoping to buy to make use of the extensive collection of gunfighters and cowboys I have stashed away in the hut. Still, there is CRISIS in a couple of weeks.

My club chums were demonstrating the Chaco War 1928-35, yes I had heard of it!

The game itself is best described by my old chum Bill.

Most of the rest of the time was spent chatting to a good few friends who I normally only meet at shows and patrolling the bring&buy for any bargains. Nothing caught my eye although one of my chums seemed pleased with himself after bagging a boxed game full of plastic sci-fi figures for £20. These go for £80-£100 on eBay he boasted.

Here's a couple of my chums discussing the next move in their game while another chum gives Dave of Pendraken fame a not-so-hard time discussing flock no doubt.

Finally our journey home was as non-descript as the weather, however it brightened up considerably as we approached home.

A pleasant day out.


  1. A pleasant day out although one of my gaming chums couldn't make due to poor health.