Saturday 12 October 2013

Chain of Command - Jump Off Points

In preparation for playing Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardies I have built a small collection of terrain items to use as Jump Off Points which these rules require.

I had already purchased 60mm MDF circles from Martin at Warbases in anticipation of this little diversion from re-organising the hut and painting my Britons for Dux Britanniarum.

I used a few plastic oil drums I had rummaged for in the bits box.

This one used a stack of oil drums cast in resin I picked up at a railway modelling show and a couple of pebbles from my garden.

This is also resin, a one piece casting. I cannot remember where I got it!

A minimalist form of plastic oil drums. I'm hoping to find a nice small bush or tree to add to this one.

This is the First Aid shelter from the Italeri Battlefield Buildings box although I have not used the red cross decal. I don't think the medics would operate this close to the front line so they have scuttled away taking their flag with them.

The chair is from the Perry North American Building kit and the barrel is by Renedra.

Plastic sand bags and ammo boxes from the Italeri Battlefield Buildings set.

An angular pebble from my garden picketed by a bit of plastic fence.

Yes, I had two of the one piece resin castings.

The terrain is household wall filler and the static grass is Noch Flock (Spring Meadow) purchased from Kallistra.


  1. Very nice bit of modelling Jim!

  2. The fenced pebble ended up looking like what the Scots call a standing stone. Great!

    1. Standing stones are fairly common in many parts of the UK and also Normandy and other parts of northern France. There are probably a dozen or more within 30 minutes drive of where I live.

  3. Great modelling Jim.
    I was interested in a comment you left at David's blog re using the 19th century rules with the Crimean Collection you look after.I hope we see them in action soon.

    1. Thanks Alan, hope you are keeping better.

      I am no great modeller but apparently better at modelling than playing.

      The Crimeans will appear in due course.

  4. Very smart indeed. I love the ancient monument in particular!!!

    1. Thanks Sidney

      I can bring you one for yourself and trade it to you for a beer at Crisis :)

      (Unpainted of course)

  5. A beautiful work of modelism!

    1. They are but simple modelling tasks.

      I leave the difficult modelling tasks to those with younger eyes!