Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vapnartak 2013

Anyone going to Vapnartak 2013?

I don't expect to see many of these fine chaps!

I suspect we will see some of these though!
This will probably be a shopping trip for me, I don't have enough figures yet!!
I may well get some of the fine Pendraken WW2 range or maybe some Kallistra Medievals.
Will you be going and what will you do when you get there?


  1. There are about 20 of us going from the Falkirk Club.

    I want to play a few games, but will be keeping most of my cash for Carronade

  2. Hi David

    Yes, two minibuses worth I'm told. (free)

    Fat chance of my club being so ambitious!!


    1. In the end it was actually cheaper to hire a coach and we get the services of a driver too. Looking forward to the show, but not the early start!

      We like to look after our lads!

    2. I plan to leave Edinburgh around 6am which is early enough. I have one local lad (loosely speaking) to pick up and two others from across town who should get somewhere close enough to me before heading down the A1.

      I would be interested in the funding arrangements for the coach. Send me a private email if you can.

  3. I get to this show once in a while. It's only an hour away for me so its often a last minute decision!

    1. It's about 4 hours by car from Edinburgh.

      I'll watch out for you Tim.