Friday, 24 February 2012

Inside the Hut

Here are a few visual snippets of my hut.

From the outside!

The window side faces West and allows a lot of sunshine and heat to enter even in winter (solar gain they call it). The heater has a frost prevention setting so it never gets really cold including when there is snow on the ground. The ventilation is good and I have never seen condensation on the inside. Note the cable for the digital TV ariel.

And through the door:

Note the bucket containers on the left hand side. They are wheeled and stackable and each when full of lead are just about liftable without too much effort. I have 6 altogether and they are normally stored far up on the left hand side beside table number two which is largely used for temporary storage.

One end of one of the 6 x 4 foot tables.

I am in the midst of transferring my collections from opaque cardboard and wooden boxes to transparent plastic boxes (Really Useful Boxes). It will make finding things much easier and hopefully more efficient storage wise.

When I want to use the second table for a game all these boxes go on the floor in between the two tables and I have a 2 foot filler piece with matching paint job that connects the two making a 10 x 6 foot table. I have a second filler piece which connects the far end of table two with the back wall giving me a 12 x 6 foot table.

And the other end:

Bonus point to anyone who can name the game whose map is on the right hand side at floor level. Members of SESWC are not allowed to enter.

The Painting Corner:

My painting table with computer, TV, lamp and some of my paints.

One of the four under table storage areas:

I have way too many unbuilt plastic kits (who hasn't) that I must one day do something about.

And some of my personal touches:

The silvery bit on the right is one of the three ventilators.

There you are, some of my hut in all its glory. Hopefully next time you see it there will be a game in situ.



  1. Brilliant - thanks for doing that. Slightly spooked - I use the wheeled stackable boxes, and I am half way through transferring my troops to plastic boxes out of their current shortbread tins, chocolate boxes, box folders etc. I have even labelled half the collection, and have organised buildings according to periods and theatre in plastic boxes also.! I need a hut - you also need to find space for an amp, a cd player, an ipod dock and a couple of speakers. Great stuff!

  2. Hi Ken

    Great minds think alike I'm told.

    There are a couple of speakers hidden behind the TV screen. I used to have a sub-woofer as well but I found that the whole hut vibrated in tune with music and you could hear it back in the house.

    I'm also a deaf (partially) person so I tend to use headphones when I really want to listen to music.

    I can play CD's and DVD through my computer and I even have a VHS player to hand when necessary.

    I'm not sure I would know what to do with an ipod dock :)

    Thanks for looking!


  3. Now that's a shed! Is the map Games Workshop's Apocalypse?

    A very jealous wargamer!

  4. A suitable retreat from the daily grind and skirt swishers. I detect worrying successionist sympathies young Duncan!

    1. Good day Mr Kinch

      I have given up the daily grind (some years ago now), it seemed a good idea at the time. My employers threw a large sum of money at me in encouragement.

      My days as 'young' Duncan are long gone too and my only worries are along the lines of what will I collect next!


  5. Jim

    Tis a thing of beauty. As Buddy Wassiname sings all you need are a chesterfield, a toilet and a bed.

    Enjoy your refuge while I pine in envy!


  6. Thanks Peter, that song is a new one on me.

    Yes there is a lot of pine in the hut and absolutely no MDF.


  7. Counting the days until the hut is mine...

  8. Hmmm ... distressingly well-organised and tidy :O)

    Regards, Chris.