Sunday, 18 April 2021

Warlord Games - EPIC ACW - Work in Progress

It is not as if I haven't been busy but I feel as if I haven't got much done. Life has been full of home decorating issues, new gas boiler, X-Ray visits, ECGs, Vaccination visits and a Birthday to boot.

I have got somethings done and here they are.

Kallistra 12mm Confederate Cavalry, mounted.  I bought 2 packs and borrowed a few figures from a command pack giving me two cavalry units, 20 strong each and foot command figures left over for £15. Go compare that with the Warlord price. Maybe slightly heavy on the yellow facings and lace but they are what they are. I have clipped the Warlord 60mm wide bases down to 55mm.

Flags, gravel, flock, static grass and tufts will follow in due course.

Kallistra 12mm Confederate Cavalry, dismounted and with horse holders. £10 buys a pack of dismounted cavalry and a pack of 'empty' horses with lots of unused figures. I might add more horse holder bases once we start playing.

Five bases of Warlord infantry painted as Union mounted on cutdown 55mm wide Warlord bases.

Note the rightmost front rank figure pose projects into the neighbouring base. I may have to do something about that.

The mounted Warlord General, you get one with each infantry sprue.

Two Warlord resin command figures. I replaced the standard pole with a piece of wire.

Three Kallistra Mounted Generals (half a £5 pack). My mate has the other three (Confederate).

A size comparison, three Kallistra to the left, three Warlord to the right.

Kallistra (12mm) dismounted cavalry to the left, Warlord (13.5mm) infantry to the right.

Just another 30 sprues to get painted.

What do you think guys?


  1. Good going Jim. I have cut my bases to get rid of that gap. I am finding painting slower than I had imagined, simply because the warlord sculpts are good, with a lot of detail to paint, so it’s not a fast job, but I have been doing some ‘moves’ with unpainted figures while others get painted - I’m OK with that.

    I like your cavalry basing decision, both the mounted and dismounted.

    1. I may base some skirmishers in the same fashion as the dismounted cavalry but I'm not sure if the game actually needs skirmish bases. Time will tell.

  2. 15mm is a low as I go until we get to tanks so not for me although they do look pretty. If I was ever tempted by sub 15mm I would probably go down to 10mm though. What do you see as the advantage of the Warlord Kalistra scale?

  3. Kallistra make some great figures Jim and clearly are selling for a decent and fair price. Warlord, well what seemed a great idea is degenerating into a grab for cash with their ridiculous pricing scheme for unit add ons.I especially like your dismounts, well done.

  4. Kallistra, 16 mounted or 32 foot figures for a fiver. What's not to like.