Sunday, 18 April 2021

Warlord Games - EPIC ACW - Little Fix

In my last post I mentioned the left flank figure on the command strip whose rifled musket projects over the end of the stand when they have been clipped to 55mm and can interfere with the placement of a neighbouring stand.

You can see it here:

Or more clearly here:

I separated the endmost two figures, swapped them around and glued them in place. like this:

I let you know what they look like when painted.


  1. Jim, I like the idea of exchanging the two end soldiers. I too am bugged by that gap.

    1. Hi Norm

      I have completed over 30 regiments of EPIC ACW and on all bar one or two I have left the figures untouched but I have cut down the bases from 60 to 55.

  2. 30 regiments - wow! The first time around, I cut my bases down, by lopping 2mm off either end of the base and still using the figs with their pegs …. But 2 small cuts creates too many opportunities of cuts being slightly out. I prefer your method of one 5mm cut and I will be going down that route now.

    Since reading your post, I have looked at the command strip and thought cutting the two end figures would bring its own problems, plus, I am almost certainly going to need additional command bases and since they come in metal, I think the butchery to the strip would just be a recipe for poor visual results.

    Again, thanks. Hope to see a blog post eventually of your stuff in action. Cheers Norm.

    1. I very carefully cut a 60mm base down to 55mm removing 2.5mm from each end. I then checked the end result for accuracy. When I was happy with it I used it as a template to cut all the rest of the bases. I am quite happy with them.

      I also got Warbases to cut some additional 55 x 20 bases to use with the Kallistra cavalry that I bought instead of the Warlord figures. I got 4 regiments of cavalry, dismounts and all for about £60.

      I am toying with the idea of making some Zouave units with the remaining sprues. They will need some carving to lose the hats and then a neat paintjob.

      I'll blog in due course.