Friday, 6 December 2019

Sums of the Sudan

I recently acquired a second hand copy of Sands of the Sudan without the card deck. Not a problem as I have a new copy complete with card deck on order.

Browsing through the rules allowed to do some sums to convert distances and base sizes for 10mm figures, the original rules being designed for 28mm.

The suggested table size was 12' x 6' or 144" x 72". Dividing by 2.5 this comes out to be 5' x 2.5', well within my table size. Larger games could be 18' x 6' converting to 7.5' x 2.5' also within my maximum six of 12' x 4'.

Imperial infantry and dismounted troopers have 6 figures on a 45 x 40mm base which converts to 18 x 16mm rounded up to 20 x 20mm. It should be a simple case of checking figures densities with some real castings to make sure they fit.

Largest base I will need is a 30 x 40mm for mounted Mahdist troops.

The project continues.

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