Saturday 30 November 2019

Goodies at Battleground 2019

Today's winter trip to Middlesbrough produced a few goodies. The weather was bitterly cold but I won't say it was 'Baltic' when it was entirely 'Northumbrian'.

First up is some vending machines from Ainsty.

Followed by some drinks cabinets.

Wonder if Coca-Cola will get upset if I paint them red?

And some arcade games.

Anyone for Pacman?

Some obligatory paint from Colonel Bills.

Some driveway clutter by Warbases.

Bits and pieces for my space troopers to hide behind.

I've been saving up coke cans.

Difficult if you don't actually drink the stuff.

This one probably contains vimto (anagram of vomit).

My new reading material.

A horde of Mahdists, wonder what I will do with them?

Highlight of the day was bumping into my old friend Mike Headden, looking at least a stone lighter than last time.

I failed to get a copy of Sands of the Sudan so reserved the right to not look too closely at Newline Designs figures. Their turn will come later.