Sunday, 10 July 2016

Work In Progress - July 2016

Golly, over half a year gone already.

Here's where I am today with some of the projects.

Regiment De Berry - for my French force in the French & Indian War. Figures by Crann Tara, bases by Her Majesties Mint and sabots by Warbases.

This officer is separately based for Sharp Practice Two.

The rank and file are also based separately but form a group on a sabot.

Compagnie Franche De La Marine by Warlord Miniatures awaiting their sabots.

A mixture of white and blue uniforms, not sure why.

A Leader for my French allied Hurons.

A trio of High Elf spearmen based for Warmaster saboted for Warband.

High Elf archers providing some firepower.

A UK Penny, magnetic. They cost 1p in the UK.

Warbases MDF 1p bases, non-magnetic, £1.60 for 25.

MDF 1p base with embedded magnet adding 10p.

All three on a sabot.

Guess what will happen if I turn the sabot over?

The MDF 1p bases with magnet installed are a great solution for those of you without magnetic coinage.


  1. The blue shirt on Compagnies Franche troops is summer wear, when it gets cold they wore the Capot over it, which was French uniform grey.
    All manufacturers seem to provide a mix of summer and winter gear, which is annoying!