Saturday, 23 July 2016

Crew Call

Recently I have been previewing various items from the Warbases product line and I have become a little bit stuck so I put these aside for a while.

I am short of crew(s).

Let me explain.

This is their gallows. I added a hang mans noose made from a bit of twisted wire.

Yes, the trap door opens.

This little switch operates the trap door, assuming you don't glue it shut by accident.

Here's a 28mm figure for scale.

This is Madame Guillotine.

Note the lifting rope I added (from twisted wire).

And a 28mm figure for scale.

And a real war machine, the Trebuchet.

Ropes made from twisted copper wire and ballast in the counter-weight from gravel.

This is a big beast but then I've seen a real one and it was a big beast too!

You will have cottoned on by now that I do not have suitable crew figures for these great little kits.

Building them was easy but crewing them is proving a little more difficult. This is where I need your help.

For the Gallows I obviously need a hang man and a dangling corpse and maybe a priest with prayerbook.

Madame Guillotine would be enhanced with a headless French fop, his detached head, a Revolutionary executioner and maybe another fop in waiting.

The Trebuchet, perhaps, a few Medieval engineer types, nationality not critical.

I look forward to your many and varied suggestions.


  1. Dear Elder Lemon,
    The very nice people at Irregular Miniatures will be able to meet your needs.
    Younger lemon

  2. Yes Irregular might be the people to go to . Tony

  3. Colonel Bills Depot Battalion, The Wrath of God, trio of figures may work - a preacher armed with bible and two soldiers suitable to staff a gibbet. They're C17th.

    Dixon Miniatures Old West range has a hanged man, I believe - though it may be 25mm.

    Great Escape Games, I think, has a hanging set in their Old West range. Their figures can range from big 28mm to smaller 28mm, so I'm not sure about compatibility.

    Redoubt Enterprises has a hanging set in their ECW range, though it may not be suitable as I think it comes with its own gibbet.

    Wargames Foundry - or it's subsidiary, Casting Room Miniatures - have various C18th civilians in revolt that could be used with the guillotine, possibly.

    Medievals aren't my forte, so I don't know of any.