Monday, 25 August 2014

Work In Progress - 12mm Napoleonics - 1 Week On

So after a weeks work where have I got to?

Four units based and ready for some tufts and static grass but otherwise useable.

French Line Infantry

More French Line Infantry

French Skirmish unit

A solitary British Line unit

These four units were already painted by my friend so it was just a case of rebasing them.

These French Dragoons were short of a few figures, brought up to strength with some unpainted figures and based ready for texturing.

British Light Dragoons, all painted from scratch.

A Rifle unit waiting to be based.

Another British skirmish unit barely started.

Another unit of British Light Dragoons, half finished.

Some odds and ends from the French infantry so far unused. Can I get another skirmish unit from them without repainting too much? A few more wait patiently in reserve.

There are still these waiting their turn.

And all these too!

At least my working space has gone up to 3 foot by 2 foot.

How is my progress?

I need at least 8 units per side to start testing out Neil Thomas' rules. Something like 4-5 Line Infantry, 1-2 Light Infantry, 1-2 Cavalry and 1 Artillery unit so I have some way to go yet.

I would hope to double up these army strengths again or perhaps even more. I need to see how much manoeuvring space armies of these sizes need.


  1. They are looking great Jim,an interesting project indeed.

    1. I'm surprised that I'm managing to stay focused on this project. Not great weather outdoors certainly helps and a tangible end-point helps a lot too!

  2. Very impressive! Looking nice, very nice...

  3. I've been in two minds about picking up NTs rules for Napoleonics. I really enjoyed his 19th century book - though I'm unlikely to ever play it. Is there much food for thought there?

  4. There seems to be a happy group of players according to the AMW Yahoo group.

    I would aspire to join them.

    I have a dozen units ready to use now so give me a couple of more weeks.

    The rules are a free download from their Yahoo group or I could email you a copy if I knew your email address.