Saturday 15 March 2014

Intergalactic Marines Expeditionary Force

Here are some pictures of my most recent painting.

Starting with freshly washed figures based on MDF hexes and mounted on painting sticks.

First coat is matt acrylic varnish. Hard to tell as the figures are a very white plastic.

I used GW Shadow Grey as a basecoat.

I then dry-brushed a metallic colour all over the equipment and painted the flesh areas with a shadow of dark flesh and a highlight of flesh. I paid a little bit of attention to the fingers as they were quite prominent. I painted the weapons a light grey colour. The figures then received an all-over coat of a strong tone wash.

I then (sparingly) added details in highlight colours to the weapons, pouches and other equipment and emphasised some of the detail with a black lining pen. The bases got a coat of the basecoat shadow grey ( a bit blue-ish) and some blacklining.

Finally, a double coat of acrylic matt varnish.

What do you think guys?


  1. Reaper Miniatures, Chronoscope range:

    Good luck at finding a UK stockist.

    They are regularly on eBay but are quite pricey. I paid £20 for 15 figures.

    The chum I bought them from may well be selling more of them at Carronade.

  2. I would say that the paintwork is 'adequate'.

    There are enough features on these figures to warrant a more detailed painting approach but my eyesight is not up to the challenge any more.