Saturday 14 September 2013

Trunk Call

While I am waiting on the varnish drying on my Dux Britanniarum British Warriors I am working on some bits and pieces I picked up cheap on eBay.

This is a Minifigs S Range elephant. Can anyone spot the problem?

Yes, you spotted it! There is a very bad join line between the two halves of the body.

Oh, and there's no trunk!

The back end is fairly bad too but at least the tail is there.

I have added an armature made from a piece of copper wire.

The profile is fine. Now where did I put my Miliput?


  1. That's not as bad as the headless elephant I received once from a miniatures company. At least they were able to rectify the problem, by sending me an entire new elephant, head included.

    1. I must admit that scratch building an elephant head would be some challenge!