Sunday 15 September 2013

Trunk Call - Connected

Half a day later and some Miliput!

Now all I need is some crew (probably Greek), a base, and a paintjob.

Since this is for my 'Old School' ancient collection I'll probably take inspiration from this book.

And this picture in particular!

If I'm really lucky I'll be able to find separate Greek and Persian crews which will allow me to use the elephant in more games.

Unfortunately the painting queue is rather long at the moment, Dux Britanniarum Britons have priority and then the Saxons and then there is Chain of Command to consider and possibly Longstreet.



  1. Trunktastic effort Jim!I look forward to seeing Nelly moving forward...

    1. It was slightly naughty of the eBay seller not to point it out!

  2. Jim

    That's a mighty fine looking Heffalump you've got there.


  3. Nice nose!

    I'd suggest contacting Rob at Garrison to see if he'll sell you a Carthaginian (will pass for Macedonian) elephant crew and a Persian or Indian one and mahout.

    1. Thanks Ross

      I'm hoping to expand my 'Old School' ancient collection which so far is almost all Greek.

      I hope to add Achaemenid Persians as a classical enemy of the Greeks as well as Mauryan Indians. I will be getting more elephants, and crews of course. I have 2 sets of three Indian elephant crew already.

      I have just picked up some second hand New Kingdom Egyptians off eBay and I know I have a good few Macedonian phalangites in the lead pile.

      I have a lot to do!

  4. Excellent work reconstructing the trunk. That is a nose job any plastic surgeon would be proud of.

  5. Thanks Chris

    Having seen some of the results of a nose job I think I did quite well. It is on the robust side but it is a wargaming model.

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