Friday, 9 November 2012

Portable Pendraken Brits

I'm one step closer to playing a Big Board Portable Wargame using the rules found at:

I have completed the painting and basing of my late war British troops and I hope to move onto the German opponents soon.

This is my representation of a section which in real life should be about 10 men so the 5 figures here are roughly at a 1:2 scale.

Here are three sections together with an HQ section. Three sections make up a platoon in the British army.

There are also various support weapons available to the platoon. Mortars are just one.

6 pdr Anti-Tank guns are another.

You can never have too many Vickers machine guns.

The PIAT is not as handy as a Bazooka but they had them anyway!

The Germans greatly feared the British field artillery. These are the famous 25 pdr's.

Having a few Shermans about is always handy.

Is this another Sherman?

No it's the same one with the turret turned a bit!!

I drilled out the turret base and the hull and superglued in a pair of mini magnets. The turret now revolves freely but doesn't fall off.

Now for the Germans.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Any Fireflys in that lot of Shermans? They look very nice indeed and I am looking forward to seeing the German opposition.

    All the best,


  2. Hi David

    No Fireflys yet although I suspect I will acquire some very soon.

    I am initially aiming my games at a 16 x 12 hex grid so a force will be 24 units. A 3 platoon infantry company will be 9 units plus another for command, perhaps up to 3 mortars, 3 MMG, 3 PIAT and 3 anti-tank guns making a total so far of 22 units. I still have to include artillery and armoured support so some bits have to drop out.

    A troop from a British Armoured Regiment is often 3 75mm Shermans and a Firefly in 1944 and perhaps 2 Fireflys by 1945. The German opposition will initially be Panzer IVs so Fireflys won't be critical to start with but once I scale up there will be Panthers and Tigers to worry about.

    If these rules pan out into a game that my playing group approves of then I can take the hex grid up to 48 x 24-36 (3 times wider and 2-3 times deeper) which will still fit onto a 6 x 4 table. There will be room then to take the initial 'company with support' force of 24 units up to one of 96 'battalion with support' which will leave plenty of room for a full company of Shermans with Fireflys.

    Watch this space as the saying goes!

  3. Jim,

    The hexed version of the BBPW:M rules are almost ready for 'publication' ... and with a bit of luck they should be available later today. Once they are, you can stage your first battle.

    All the best,


  4. Fantastico Roberto!

    Still got the Germans to paint!