Friday, 23 November 2012

Playtesting ACW

Just in case some of my readers think I've stopped playing wargames I thought I would show a quick pic from a recent game.

The underlying terrain is Hexon II from Kallistra, the house is by the Perry twins and the fences are scratchbuilt by me. The figures are 30mm ACW by Spencer Smith.

My playing group are currently tinkering with Featherstones original ACW rules, we've made a few minor changes.

One change is to allow infantry units to form a firing line in two ranks rather than one which effectively doubles the width of the table.

Another change is to artillery firing. I now restrict artillery casualty dice from two to one die at over 2 feet range but I allow twice as many artillery pieces on the table. This helps make deployed artillery look like batteries rather than single guns by themselves.

The next set of changes will probably be to the morale sections which we plan to completely replace with those from the 'On To Richmond' ruleset.

I will report via this blog.


  1. Yes, me too, although I've never really been completely away.

    Recent ill health (particulary in Antwerp), game cancellations, bad weather etc have interupted the planned schedule but I have been nibbling away at a few things regardless.

    I hope to report soon.