Thursday, 25 November 2021

Warlord - EPIC Waterloo

 I have acquired one of Warlords sprues of Napoleonic French Heavy Cavalry. They are not due into production until next year but some will be available via the December issue of Wargames Illustrated.

I very quickly splashed some paint over a few to see how they look off the sprue. Apologies for their slapdash appearance.

Here they are based on a Warlord supplied 60 x 20 mm base. This is the same size as their infantry and also their ACW mounted and infantry.

I haven't seen any of the Warlord written material to go with this release but I expect that a unit will comprise of several such bases.

I can foresee a problem when ranking these bases together. Some horses heads project over the front of the base edge.

Likewise some tails and rumps project over the rear of the base edge.

My solution would be to adjust the base dimensions. This is a 60 x 30 mm base - problem solved.

Or is it? It could mean that you don't use the Warlord bases which you've already bought or you do use them and add a bigger base underneath.

Some collectors may well use a different basing setup and even a different set of rules.

Apart from that the figures are nicely defined and given that there will be 11 or 12 different sprues in the range there will be no shortage of variety. I expect there will be further additions to the range in the future.

I can't see me collecting these figures for the Waterloo period but I'm sure others will find them irresistible.


  1. To be honest these do not interest me at all. A strange scale, I think your would be better off with 10mm or 15mm figures. I also dislike plastic figures, and ones that do not rank up.

    1. I hear what you are saying Simon. There have been many others more literate than I am who mention this 'strange scale'. Google-around and you find lots of comments.

      One of the main comments I have found is that if you can find things that you don't like about this figure range then you are probably not in Warlord Games target audience.

    2. True to say I am not a Warlord fan.

    3. They blow hot and cold for me and there are so many other enterprising companies and products.

  2. Thanks Jim, looking forward to these being available. I like that these are plastic, small and don’t need prep of gluing arms, heads and backpacks on etc. They should prove popular.

    1. Hi Norm

      There seems to be an air of optimism about this range although it looks like Warlord haven't learned all the possible lessons from the ACW range.