Monday 28 June 2021

Wargames Factory - Recent Units

 I painted up a couple of units using the Wargames Factory Infantry offering. I bought a few of these in days gone bye and inherited a few more when my best mate passed away so they lay gathering dust for a while.

This is the original box which contained 12 identical sprues, 6 of which will make up an 18 figure unit for rules like BLB (Beneath the Lily Banners).

Each sprue can make two rank and file figures with a variety of head gear and/or a sword. There is also a third figure which can be given a variety of torsos, heads etc and can be fitted as an officer, a standard bearer, a sergeant or a drummer. There are even arms with muskets to produce a firing figure.

This is my interpretation of the Spanish Grenadiers of the Guard from the Wars of the Spanish Succession. Colours by Flags of War.

These are Portuguese Infantry from the same period with hand painted colours (speculative).

The figures are fairly basic but take paint well and can be configured to represent many different troops from the WSS. Warlord Games still sell boxes of these sprues.

I plan to sell these figures at Carronade in September (pandemic permitting) but a good offer will snap them up. I have a few more.

Now back to the masses of EPIC ACW figures I have to base, painted by a chum.


  1. Not a bad looking unit, but I will stick with 6mm for WSS - no more multi-scale efforts for the same period for me.. no sirree! but...

  2. Nice work on these Jim...most of my WSS army is made up of these guys and I vthink they come out looking fine. We say they are a bit basic now but they are streets ahead of metal figures that used to be available thirty years ago (and sone that are still around) and being plastic, they are very easy to convert.

    1. I think they are great value for the money and take paint very well. I have enough sprues for another half a dozen units.