Thursday, 31 December 2020

Epic ACW - Kallistra - Gunners Size Comparison

 The pictures tell you all you need to know about Warlord Games Epic ACW gunners and Kallistra ACW gunners. Once they are painted and based they will be quite compatible. The Kallistra wheels are more accurate in their number of spokes whereas the Warlord Games are much cheaper.


  1. Interesting figures , but 15mm is getting a bit small for me nowadays .Cheers for the New Year , Tony

    1. They are 13.5mm to be precise but are very sweet little figures.

      I am painting a Regiment as we speak.

      I will blog them when I get there.

      Best wishes for 2021 and stay safe.


  2. Nice looking figures but ACW isnt an era I am much interested in, however, knowing Warlord, they will have plans to expand "Epic" into a multitude of different era's, so maybe one day I will find myself buying some ... Happy New Year Jim.

    1. I certainly hope that this isn't a flash-in-the-pan from Warlord. I hope to get more than just a years painting out of it.

      Since you are an ex-Scotsman which part of the country do you come from?