Tuesday 9 June 2020

Sands of Sudan - Buildings

I need some buildings in 10mm to populate the battlefield for my Sands of Sudan Project.

I got a pack of adobe buildings from a company I have not used before.

A village pack of 4 buildings came at a good price of £10 including P&P so looked a bargain.

They are easy to construct using PVA in about an hour and I left them to dry overnight.

I plan to tart them up just a little bit, removing some of the straight edges, basing them and maybe improve the 3D look.

I note that they have gone out of stock and the company are trying to clear their 'covid' backlog. I will certainly purchase some more in due course.

Meanwhile I will have a go at a larger building using plasticard, maybe a mosque or a palace. I have placed an internet order for some plasticard so it will be a few days at least.


  1. You could use a small kids ball halved, to add domes to them. I have to say I am not a fan usually of the Laser Craft Art product.

    1. Thanks Simon

      I have , previously, in an earlier manifestation made a dome for a mosque in 28mm for a friend. I may do so again.

      What is it that you don't like about these products?

  2. Had some, poorly cut and did not fit together well.