Tuesday 13 March 2018

BEF 1940

A friend asked me to do some bits and pieces for a BEF game in France 1940.

Here's how they turned out.

Two pounder anti-tank guns by ZVEZDA, nominally 1/100.

Nice enough little kit but the seated gunner was a real pain to place in his seat after everything was painted.

A trio of universal carriers (Mark 1 they tell me) which come three to a box by Plastic Soldier Company, 1/72 in scale.

A bit fiddly to build. I would do them a bit differently now that I've done three.

Sourced from the Ukraine these are British Mark VI light tanks. Again they are 1/72.

Worst model kit I have ever built and that's been for well over 50 years. The body panels mostly fit together but the bogies are an absolute nightmare. I hope never to build one of these again. There was no clear manufacturers name on their box but their web address implied Ace Models.


  1. Jim,

    You've done a nice job assembling and painting these models.

    I've had problems putting together Zvezda Russian anti-tank guns ... and they are supposed to be snap-together kits! As to the Mk.IV Light Tanks ... well the Airfix ones are not as difficult to put together as the Zvezda kits, but are by no means easy.

    All the best,


  2. A great collection of vehicles, I do like your job on the camo...

    1. My painting style is part impressionist and part splash-it-all-over.

  3. I put together the zvesda 1/72 2pdr and it was tricky - I can’t imagine what the 1/100 must be like.

    Ace are notorious for their poor kits. If you need more light tanks I would recommend S models which are really tip top.

    1. The kits were supplied to me, all I had to do was build them and paint them. Was a wee challenge.

  4. Sorry to hear that they were such a pain to build, but the light tanks turned out very well I should say. Great job!

    1. My friend hasn't seen them in the flesh yet. He will be the final arbiter of them.

  5. Replies
    1. Given another go I could make them nicer. It would mean drilling out the machine guns and replacing them with wire and perhaps building a jig to make the suspension parts fit together properly.

      Too late now.

    2. Crikey, that's a bit hard work for a wargames model! I'm a great fan these days of the "easy build" kits, as I want a simple, quick to assemble kit for gaming that looks the part at arms length.

      If I was a proper scale modeller I'd go the full hog :)

    3. I like fast build vehicles.

      I once built 4 shermans in the one day.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay.

      I used the group of vehicles as part of my rehabilitation. They were a tough ask though.