Sunday, 11 February 2018

February Stock Take

Remember those pesky Indians, no, not them riding round the wagons, these ones.

That's them all rebased and just needing some finishing touches.

They are now on 40x20mm MDF bases by Warbases. Three bases makes a unit for To The Strongest as I plan to use a 150mm grid. Must get the rest of the army based and then some opponents.

I have some universal carriers as a commission for a chum.

Just some detailing left to do, highlights and decals.

I've made up some bases from plasticard, plaster, gravel and sand. Paint will follow.

They were an incredibly fiddly build, far too many small parts so probably not designed for the wargames table.

I've started another commission for a friend.

There are quite a few of them.

Can you tell what they are yet?

They seem to take paint rather well.

How am I? That's a good question.

What do I have?

Only two doses of painkillers a day now and none of that opiate stuff.

A functioning bladder and bowel.

Residual pain around the surgery sites and a very tender left testicle.

A full nights sleep most nights without any fever issues.

Short (dabbling) sessions in the wargames hut but not very productive ones.

What do I not have?

Stamina. A 10 minute walk to get the morning paper leaves me exhausted till teatime.

Stamina. A half hour walk with my 18 month old grandson leaves me exhausted till later on the following day.

Appetite. I struggle to eat a full meal. I have gained 2 pounds in the last week so I'm only 1 stone 12 pounds underweight now. Eating a KitKat is a challenge. My legs are like sticks and I can see my ribs.

Permission to drive. Another couple of weeks yet. Even then I may not be strong enough to do an emergency stop.

What's ahead?

Another good question.

All the planning and scheduling I had in mind has gone. Everything I hoped that would take weeks will now take months.

Keep watching this space but no need to hurry back.


  1. Good man. Steady as she goes with the physical stuff. Keep at it.

  2. Well, it seems to me that most of the things you do have are good. Apart from the pain, let's hope that will end up in the things you don't have list soon! Your stamina will return, albeit slowly probably, as will your appetite, surely. All in all rather encouraging, no? Small steps for man, but a giant leap for Jimkind. And the Brencarriers look awesome as well! Keep up your spirits and the good work!

    1. The pain is pretty well manageable now but there is a continual feeling of discomfort.

      Then there are the periods of intense tiredness.

      Still, I'll get there.

  3. Hobby stuff is great therapy in many ways

    1. The only thing that has kept me going, that and my grandson.

  4. Glad to hear your feeling a bit better , are those Bren Carriers by Warlord ? was think of getting a couple .

  5. Jim,

    When I was very ill some 25 years ago, I can remember finding a simple walk to the local shops (about half a mile round trip) required at least a couple of hours of sleep when I got back ... and even then, I was good for nothing for the rest of the day. It took me far longer than I had expected before I was back and functioning anything like normal ... but in the end I recovered.

    You seem to have at least been able to achieve far more than I managed in the time since your operation, so that bodes well. Just take each day as it comes, trying to do a little more as and when you feel like it, and at some point you'll look back with amazement at how much you have progressed.

    All the best,


    1. I do another 'simple' walk tomorrow when I see my GP. I'll let you know how I get on.

    2. GP has fiddled with my medication and given some dietary advice and will await the outcome of my consultant meeting before deciding what to do next.

      He also passed on some psychiatric advice should I ever need it.

  6. Onwards and upwards, if slowly - hope the stamina recovers more quickly as you mend!

    1. If you could buy stamina in a tin I would get some.

      This reminds me of my marathon running days where you built up your stamina but running 20, 30, 40 miles a week as you neared race day.

      In this case it is 10, 20, 30 minutes a day.

    2. I'm not sure I can run 40 miles in a year ;)

      But a little and often, or at least a little as often without causing more harm, increasing up as you can sounds good!

      Stamina in a tin... that's coffee, isn't it :D

    3. Thinking back to my marathon days (30+ years ago) it was pasta that was recommended for endurance activities.

      Coffee can make you a bit hyper but wears off quickly.

    4. Nonsense, you just need more coffee! Now, if I can stop juddering I'll crack on ;)

      I'd read/been told simple carbs plus exercise are the way forwards, gives good energy release and use, apparently. Although any time I read any diet stuff I'm reminded of the opening of Woody Allen's "Sleepers" :D

    5. Never been a fan of Woody Allen so haven't seen that film although I may have seen clips from it.

      It is alleged that I'm having a good Scottish favourite for my tea, mince and tatties.

    6. Fine choice on mince and tatties. Much better than mince and tactics, which had me puzzled :D

      "Sleepers" is about the best of Allens films IMO, the rest all just blur into one fairly "meh" experience these days.

    7. The mince and tatties have been withheld until tomorrow due to someone elses schedule not meshing with ours.

      I'll keep 'Sleepers' on the back burner as I'm not a great film watcher.

    8. It's always mince and tatties tomorrow, never today eh! Put some away for a rainy day ;)

    9. Mince and tatties are being cooked as we speak.

  7. Keep going Jim,you'll get there !
    Good to see what you have been working on of late.

    1. No shortage of things needing done and me willing to do them, on a good day.

  8. Slow and easy, my favourite lifestyle these days.

    1. Here's a version of 'slow and easy'. It's just gone 10:30 and I'm in bed already.

  9. It's good to see that your health arrow is moving in the right direction. Just take it easy and enjoy the little things in life that we all take for granted.

    Jim ( the other one)

    1. Has to be an easy day today as I'm almost run out of today's dose of painkillers and its not quite teatime.