Saturday, 15 October 2016

My Day at SKELP 2016

I dripped up to Forfar today with a couple of chums in order to visit SKELP 2016 which is a quaint little wargames show in a quaint little Scottish town. I say dripped as it was rather wet.

Never-the-less we got there OK.

SKELP is a nice little show handily placed about 90 minutes north of Edinburgh.

I took no photographs on the day but a good friend did so and you can find his photographs here:

Thanks Mike.

After talking to a couple of dozen people, scoffed a black pudding roll, sank a cup of tea and had a chat with another couple of dozen people I escaped home to pore over my goodies for the day.

Well at least that was the plan, I did have forty winks and another forty winks first.

After my tea I did have a look at the following:

Yet more tiles on a sheet from Warbases.

A collection of Warbases MDF buildings including an Eastern European House, Hay Barn and Barn.

A Village Well, Livestock Pen, Ladders and Trapdoors for my Magnetic Modular Fort. And, a couple of Corner Towers which I will be building 'Back-to-Front' (to follow).

I thought I would also give the British Army Vehicles a preview. Here they are, a Ferret, a Saracen, a Saladin and a Humber Pig.

Some paint from Pendraken (you can never have enough paint).

Some textured paint by Coat d'arms from Colonel Bills. (experimental basing)

A few figures from a rummage box.

Some little tents from a charity stand.

A couple of huts.

Some bigger tents.

And a collection of farm animals.

And just as I was running out of steam I opened up the bagged Ferret to see how many bits there were.

Busy day ahead tomorrow.


  1. My better half came with me (leopard skin coat and hat) so I spent a restrained amount.. :)

    1. Better halfs and wargamers don't normally make good bedfellows but having said that a couple of us are taking our wives to Crisis next month.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tony and there is more in the pipeline so I better get on with it.

  3. Missed you again Jim, I did win the Black Watch Quaich, (with the only entry in the class..) and it was a fun wee show. I kept my shopping to a minimum though, just some more warbases bases, farm animals, a handcart, buildings for the AWI Sharp Practice project.. err..

    1. I plan to be at Vapnartak in York in February.

      Catch me there.