Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ersatz Empire Knights

I have a Warmaster Empire collection.

Their best troops are the Knights.

Here is one stand of them, you need three stands to make a unit.

I acquired these secondhand unpainted as part of an army sized box for £45 which was a bargain indeed. I know a friend recently sold a similar sized army for £150.

I like bargains.

Being a true wargamer I want more.

On various auction sites these sort of figures go for £15, £20, £25+ per unit not including postage. I would be reluctant to pay that sort of money. In fact I wouldn't pay that sort of money at all.

I bought a box of Kallistra Teutonic Knights.

They look like this unpainted.

Painted as Teutonic Knights they look like this.

Not quite what I was looking for but a little bit of clipping, a touch of filing, a modicum of drilling, some baling wire, a drizzle of milliput and a paintjob they look like this.

How did I do?

A bit of a transformation, do you agree?

Now, back to the bargains.

If I were to aspire to having, say four more units of Empire Knights I would expect to pay around £100 on an auction site, plus postage and assuming availability and lack of competition.

I bought three blister packs of Teutonic Knights from Kallistra. These will give me four units of knights once modified as above and will have cost me £15.

That's a bargain!


  1. That's a hell of a good job Jim,really good.

    1. Thanks Paul, just another 44 figures to convert to get the 4 units of Knights on the table.

  2. Those knight look quite good, nice matching with the paint brush!

    1. It's an easy colour scheme.

      Paint the whole thing silver, brown on the horse, blue/red on the flags and banners, gold on the weapons, red on the reins, white on the cloaks and plumes. Soft tone ink all over, gloss varnish.