Sunday, 7 December 2014

1st Carabiniers

I have finally got these Carabiniers complete enough to take part in a tabletop battle.

Here's how they look.

Once I had finished the 'grey' in my previous post I painted all the other horses as 'blacks', well actually a 'leather black' which is an exceedingly dark brown and then gave them the faintest of highlight with a dark grey. The tack was painted in a true black to make it stand out from the horseflesh.

I glued them in pairs on 50mm square plasticard bases, textured them with a variety of gravel, sand and household filler. I added paint to taste, matt varnish, some tufts and self adhesive magnetic tape underneath.

While they were drying I glued the riders onto some plastic sprue. This allows them to be turned to any angle during painting.

It was a simple job to glue the riders in place after scraping off some of the paint at the points of contact. The grey plastic and the grey overalls hid any errors.

I think they look fine.

I now have to have a think about whether to add the carbines. Will I be able to find a good enough contact point for a strong glue join. That's a problem for tomorrow!

What do you guys think?


  1. Jim,

    These look absolutely spiffing ... and I am pleased that I won't have to face them across the tabletop!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob

      I'm in a vicious circle with these figures. I am painting them for sale so that I can reduce my plastic mountain, however I will probably add to the lead mountain with the profits (selectively of course).

  2. They are magnificent. I'm surprised you can consider parting with them.

    1. It is sad to be true. However I doubt if I will use them myself as I am doing Napoleonics in a big way in 10mm size. these are 28mm.

      They are Perrys so they do deserve a decent finish.

      I have many wargaming contacts who will love them, perhaps one of them will buy them.

  3. Splendid! Excellent work! They will grace anyone's collection and gaming table.

  4. Excellent job on these Carabiniers!