Friday, 21 November 2014

15mm ACW collection

This is my recently deceased best friends 15mm ACW collection.

It is a massive collection, over 500 bases.

Here is a rough list.

168 Confederate infantry bases (3 figs) (21 x 8 base units) 
8 Confederate mounted cavalry (2 figs) (1 x 8 base unit)
20 Confederate dismounted cavalry (2 figs)
33 Confederate mounted cavalry (loose figures)
14 Confederate dismounted cavalry (2 figs) 1 x 8, 1 x 6 base units)
2 Confederate horse holders (3 figs)
8 Confederate guns and crew (4 crew)
4 Confederate 2 horse limbers
9 Confederate mounted commanders
2 Confederate staff groups (2 figs)
54 Union infantry bases (3 figs) (9 x 6 base units)
86 Union infantry bases (3 figs) (several 5-6 base units)
18 Union guns and crew (2-4 crew)
4 Union guns and crew (3/4 crew)
3 USA or CSA 4 horse wagons
6 USA or CSA 4 horse limbers
2 Union 2 horse limbers
4 Union 2 horse teams
12 Union mounted cavalry (2 figs)
12 Union mounted cavalry (2 figs) (2 x 6 base units)
12 Union dismounted cavalry (2 figs) (2 x 6 base units)
3 Union dismounted cavalry (2 figs)
18 Union mounted commanders
3 Union foot officers (1 fig)
The units and bases are made and labelled with On To Richmond in mind but will fit many other rulesets.
I had hoped to use them with a few of the guys in some big games in memory of my chum. I don't think that will happen now. I have decided that I will put them up for sale, hopefully through one of my usual contacts, perhaps as a complete collection, perhaps as separate brigades. I may even go as far as eBay.
If anyone is interested then please let me know.


  1. Good luck with the sale Jim! That is an impressive army! I just got given my mates 15mm ACW Union army a couple of weeks ago. He did the Union and I did the Rebels about 25 years ago!

    1. Thanks Rodger

      If you had said to my best buddy Iain you can only do one period in one scale then it would be 15mm ACW (Rebels of course). This was his lifetime favourite, some of it 30 years old or more and he was still adding to it more recently.

  2. Jim,

    What a very impressive collection. I just wish that I had the space and money to acquire it.

    All the best,


    1. This is about half of a joint collection between Iain and another friend Bill.

      We used to play ACW games in the 'Grand Manner' using the On To Richmond rules many years ago over a weekend.

      I'm hoping that someone will take them in their entirety and play some more large games.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Could you email me off list please? I have proposition for you....;-)

    All the best,