Monday, 4 November 2013

Absence (Crisis)

I've been away at Crisis.

Here's the proof.

I hope to post a fuller report once I have recovered. (Yes I am wearing a kilt).


  1. Jim, I'm so sorry. I now realise I saw you in Antwerp, but I couldn't fit a name to the face. Next time I'll come over and shake hands.

    1. Jur

      Yes, I thought you might been there too!

      I met several people I have only known over the web and even one or two who knew me from the web but I didn't know them.

      There is always the next show.

  2. I hope to make Crisis one year soon - it looks a fantastic show.

    What route do you take?

    1. Hi David

      I and another six of the SESWC lads flew from Edinburgh to Brussels with Brussels Airlines although the return flight was in a FLYBE partner aircraft.

      This was 5:55am flight arriving in Brussels at 09:00. I believe another one of our guys came the same route on a later flight.

      It was then a short train journey to Antwerp Centraal and a 1 mile walk to the Holiday Inn Express. This is another short walk away from the venue.

      Another four of our guys drove down and through the Chunnel which seemed fine for them.

      Our figures were taken there in a friendly traders van.

      I can certainly recommend attending Crisis. It is a great weekend out.



      I will be at Targe next weekend.

    2. Drop by and say hello - I will be helping with the CY6 Jet age game

  3. Looking forward to your report and anything Naval would interest my BattleFleet readership ... Jeff
    P.S. The kilt looks good!