Thursday, 4 July 2013

Maybe a Generation Thing

We were out for dinner with friends last night at a local restaurant.

The waitress (young) took a drinks order before the meal and I asked if they had cider.

Yes, she said, we have flavoured cider, peach, pear and apple!

Is it me or is it a generation thing?

Please don't tell me that as you get older you also get old fashioned. I've heard about the 'grumpy' bit.

The meal was excellent by the way.


  1. Apple flavoured cider eh? Whatever next....

  2. Jim,

    They will be serving hop-flavoured beer next!

    All the best,


  3. On a similiar point. - Why in restaurants, do they often ask you what you want to drink before you've chosen what you want to eat (sometimes in fact before you've even read the menu)? I like to chose something I think is going to complement the food I'm going to eat.

    It's happening in more and more restaurants. (Either that or I'm not eating in posh enough places!)

    1. A drink before you order is pretty well par for the course as far as I can see and has been so for quite a number of years.

      Again, my diet is fairly limited, I don't eat much in the way of red meat, chicken is a favourite followed by pasta so choosing a complementary drink for me is not difficult.

      I tend not to eat in particularly 'posh' restaurants since there are so many good restaurants around that needn't be expensive.

    2. >>I don't eat much in the way of red meat, chicken is a favourite followed by pasta

      Very healthy Jim. That's what I should be eating!

    3. You won't believe some of the sacrifices I've made in an attempt to remain 'healthy'.

      I avoid red meat, I don't salt most of my food, the only thing I fry is an egg and I rarely drink alcohol.

      Having said that I'll probably die by being crushed by my lead mountain!!