Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Teutonic Order Army in Progress

I am currently painting up an army from the Kallistra Medieval range.

They are the Teutonic Order and I have chosen them largely because I like their simplistic colour scheme which is also easy to paint as I would wish to get them into battle as soon as possible.

Also, at £5 a unit they are fairly cost effective if you buy them in groups of six blisters at £6 each with one of them free (well done Paul Kerrison).

This is as far as I have got so far. In the foreground three units of knights flanking five units of spearmen in two rows. A command stand to their front, a unit of crossbowmen on foot with a further two units of mounted crossbowmen in the distance. Bring up the rear are some more mounted commanders on a painting stick.

The Knights of the Order, four bases of 4 mounted figures per unit.

The Spearmen, four bases of 8 figures in two ranks per unit. A few bases include a mounted commander for aesthetic reasons.

The Grand Master with his personal standard bearer.

Crossbowmen awaiting their static grass.

Mounted Crossbowmen awaiting landscaping on their bases.

Finally some more Commanders awaiting more paint!

My choice of a gloss finish is largely to offset the heavy handling these figures will get as I hope they will be a popular gaming choice with my playing group. I have also stayed with a very simplistic style for their tunics, white, nothing but white with back crosses on white shields. Yes I know there is a bit more to the Teutonic Order but these are for a 'game' and not a 'fully historical simulation'.

I hope to try out several different rulesets with these figures. My initial forays will be with a cutdown version of Hordes and Heroes by Kallistra using my extensive collection of Heroscape tiles. This will restrict me to using one base per unit with a mini D6 to note its proper strength of 1 - 4. I'll get four times as many units though.

If I decide to buy a set of Hexon II tiles then I can revert to unit sizes as per the Hordes and Heroes rules.

I also hope to try out these figures with Warmaster Ancients. I am already quite an experienced player of Warmaster from a few years ago so it should not be difficult to pick them up.

I would write a set of my own if need be or I could modify a set of Bob Corderys Portable Wargame rules.

Watch this blog for developments.


  1. Good stuff Jim.

    There's quite a few of the little fellas!

    What manufacturers are there in there?


  2. Hi Darrell

    They are all Kallistra products from their fairly extensive Medieval range.

    These are heroic 10mm figures so are probably more like 12mm.

    As far as I know these figures are cast by Pendraken but are incompatible sizewise with Pendrakens own 10mm figures.

    They do look quite compatible with Warmaster figures.

    I like them since they are £5 a blister (buying in multiples of 6), come with bases although I make my own, have minimal flash so don't take too long to clean up and are easy to paint.

  3. Thanks for the reply Jim.

    Yeah, I agree Kallistra and Pendraken are very good mini's for the scale. I've often found myself wanting to paint some up but most of the work I get is for 28mm and on rare occasions 15 mil.

    Maybe one day :O)


  4. Yes, both Kallistra and Pendraken figures are very good for their size just not compatible with each other.

    If you fancy some Pendraken European Late Medievals and you might be at Carronade in Falkirk let me know. I acquired quite a few of them in a sale and I could let you have them cheaper than retail price.