Sunday, 25 March 2012

More of the Normans

It is time I finished off the batch of Norman knights and command figures from a few days ago.

They were last seen on their plain plastic bases.

I carefully applied a thin smear of tetrion to blend in the figure bases.

The spaces in between the horses can be tricky to reach. I use a long pin with a handle but you could also use a long thin spatula or a sliver of plastic card.

These are left overnight to dry and then given a coat of Dragoon Green to match up with
 the painted figure base.

Once dry the textured surface is drybrushed with Goblin Green to pick up the risen detail.

Another drybrush this time with Vomit Brown enhances the effect further.

A wash of Grypon Sepia catches the sunken detail and brings the colours together.

Finally the edge of the base is picked out in Scorched Brown and left to dry, probably overnight.

I will matt varnish these bases and will then decide if I need to add static grass or not. I have treated these bases quite differently from the Teutonic Order army.

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