Sunday, 10 March 2019

Water Cart by Warbases

Bought yesterday morning, painted yesterday evening, photographed this lunchtime.

Warbases Water Cart

Dark Grey undercoat, light grey drybrush, brown wash, finished.

Add draught animal of your choice.

Prussian for scale.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Albanich 2019 - Goodies

Todays trip to Dumfries was wet all the way down and sunny all the way back.

In between I got some clutter for my Waterloo Farm.

I got some resin packing cases to clutter up some of the outbuildings and courtyard from Warbases.

Every farm needs a hay cart, mine is no exception.

I spied a blacksmith so he had to have a cart.

Water, water everywhere and some of it to drink.

Ammo, for obvious purposes.

The farm I am portraying was used as the British Field Hospital so I needed a few casualties splattered about c/o Warlord.

Some paint from Colonel Bills, for the use of.

Coat d'arms brushes, size 2/0.

That'll keep me busy for a few days, as if I wasn't busy enough.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Just for you Bob and a Few Others

Here's another demonstration of a painting technique which will get your figures on the table relatively quickly even if you think your eyes are not up to it.

This example is a Zulu War British Infantryman. Everyone knows what they look like. I blame the film.

The general colour scheme is a red jacket, dark trousers, a great big pith helmet and a big gun. There are more subtle colour features to be entertained, we will deal with a few and ignore a few others.

Using a Revell number 3 brush I basecoated the entire figure in a terracotta shade. This will be mostly overpainted but some will be left below the helmet and maybe the hands.

The jacket is painted a deep red, think crimson or maroon. It doesn't matter if it covers other bits as long as the terracotta under the helmet is left alone.

Paint the trousers and boots black. Make sure you don't overpaint the deep red on the jacket.

Lightly paint the trousers dark blue leaving the boots black. It is OK if some of the black shadows remain on the trousers.

Paint the rifle dark brown. It is OK if you overpaint the hands.

Using a smaller brush, maybe a 3/0 or a 2/0 dab a little flesh colour on the face and hands.

Paint the pith helmet a linen colour. Keep it tidy around the bottom edge. Paint the ammo pouches on the belly linen. Paint the little bag on the hip linen.

Paint a white cross on the back of the figure.

Paint the cartridge box black.

Paint a proper red line along the upper and lower arm, front and back leaving a little of the deep red as a shadow. Dab a little red in the triangles between the cross belts.

Paint the base to match your terrain colour.

Touch up any little errors and gloss varnish the figure.

Base to your own requirements.

If you are capable of a little more detail you could add a red stripe down the outside of the trousers, it is not essential.

You could add coloured collars and cuffs, say Green for the 24th Foot. This is not essential either. If you were an attacking Zulu Warrior up against someone from the 24th and another from a different regiment you would still see them a couple of guys in red coats.

You could run a line of a gunmetal colour along the top of the rifle, again, not essential.

Give it a go everybody. Remember, just think of significant features, red coat, blue trousers, silly big hat and a big gun.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Just For You Bob

A games friend recently admired my 10mm figure painting and said

"I don't know how you do it! They are wonderful!

I wish that I had your painting skill ... but my eyesight (even with my new glasses) and the arthritis in my hands mean that I cannot paint that accurately."

I didn't think they were anything special but here is how I do it, just for you Bob.

These are 10mm Pendraken Napoleonics painted in a form of 'toy soldier' style. It works for me.

This is the figure cleaned up and mounted on a painting stick with a blob of blu-tac.

I use a Revell number 3 brush which is not that small.

I paint the entire figure white, a sort of undercoat.

I paint the arms, front and back blue and the back of the coat leaving the front of the jacket, the legs and the head white.

I paint the entire head, face and hair and helmet black and the boots black.

I paint the sword including the hand gunmetal.

I paint the plume red.

I paint the face and the hands a flesh colour. I forgot the left hand, will get that later. I use a Coat d'arms 3/0 brush which is a little bit smaller.

I paint the sword scabbard and belt black.

I paint two little V shapes white on the coat tails.

I gloss varnish the entire figure. I will paint the base green later just prior to basing.

This is how he will look when based up.

This is how a full wargames unit looks.

None of this painting requires excellent eyesight, adequate will do, a lot of the end result is dependent on using the correct technique, This is my technique (one of them anyway). Once they are 4 foot away they will look dandy.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

7YW Brigadier - WIP

I need a commander for the 7YW Prussian brigade I am painting for a friend.

Eagle Miniatures supplied the figures at a recent show. Here he is with an ADC awaiting some tufts and static grass.

In the background is the next 7YW Prussian battalion from Crusader and some artillery by Eagle Miniatures.

The black undercoat gives a great basecolour for Prussian Blue.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Romans at Waterloo

Well, not really, they just happen to be on my painting table at the same time as some Napoleonics I am doing for a friend.

Caesarian Romans recently purchased at a recent show for a good price.

They paint up nicely and hopefully will sell nicely at the next show.

I combined both the pila armed men and the gladius armed men into two units.

Next up are the British Light infantry I am doing for a friend.

Just got static grass and tufts to do then they can be off to their new owner.

Next in the queue are some 7YW Prussians.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Napoleonics - WIP - 2018

Here is a unit (brigade) of British Light Infantry, Waterloo period which I am painting as a charitable commission for a good friend.

They will be deployed in the 2019 Great Game as part of the Waterloo Uncovered Project.

They are composed of a 3 battalion Regiment (don't ask) all with full colours although only the 1st battalion will deploy colours on the day.

The figures are Front Rank, bases by Warbases, painted by myself and awaiting attention to their scenic dressing.