Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dungeon Details

This is a series of maps which I used in my role as Dungeon Master to entertain my playing group as they explore the dark and dangerous depths of the Six Pack. The title name will become apparant when the final level is reached.

The entrance to the level is marked by the red triangle and the first thing the Adventurers spot is a lifeless body lying on the floor. Searching the body reveals a fragment of a map which bears little resemblence to where they are. The Adventurers have an immediate choice to make. Turn Left or turn Right? Looking Left offers them a couple of doors and a corridor disappearing into the darkness whereas looking Right is just a corridor disappearing into the darkness.

The obvious thing to do is to explore the rooms beyond the two doors but the Adventurers know that I am occasionally cunning and devious and may well decide to ignore the two doors and turn Right anyway. This path leads down another set of stairs towards a fairly dangerous combination of Hazard Room, Chaos Sorceror, millions of (well 18 really) Snotlings and a further bunch of Chaos Warriors. The upside though is that if they are successful they will earn lots of GLOD.

Retracing their steps, paying attention to the map they should be drawing will take them back to the two doors and the darkness beyond. Perseverence will reward them with a variety of challenging combats, some more map fragments, an awful lot of GLOD and finally a set of stairs down to Level 2. The timescale so far has covered several weeks of playing time with a number of trips back to the surface to lick their wounds and spend their money.

The Adventurers by this point will have worked out an effective Modus Operandi. Before anyone opens a door there will be a Fighter on the left with a long reach weapon, another Fighter on the right with a long reach weapon. An Archer or two further back with arrows drawn, someone looking the other way in case of an ambush and a Wizard pondering Fireball or Run Away! The chap who opens the door is usually a Dwarf, armoured to almost invulnerability who smiles whenever a really big monster appears. It takes more than just a cunning plan to break them down.

 Level 2 starts off with the familiar Turn Left or Turn Right scenario but soon expands into many more doors, rooms and challenges to master. The adventure itself can take off in a direction uncatered for as many of the results from Hazard Rooms are unpredictable, even to the Games Master, all part of the fun.

Level 3 brings a new challenge to the Adventurers, the Round Room. Their, by now, well rehearsed Modus Operandi is potentially disrupted by the turning nature of the Round Room. Once beyond the rotating peril familiar territory comes into view, or so they think when exploring the barrels in the room a portcullis drops from the ceiling and a wall collapses bringing 10 Chaos Warriors into play. Of course some of the Adventurers will be behind the Portcullis and others will not. There will be a frantic series of grunts and groans as some of the Adventurers lift up the Portcullis allowing others to fight or run away as needs be.

The final set of stairs leads through a series of not too demanding rooms, lots of GLOD and then a long, long corridor with lots of doors. At this point I announce to the Adventurers that they must select a door each and enter alone to face whatever is there. The final room has a number of causeways defended by a large monster with a bodyguard or two or ten. This is the lair of the Six Pack and is the scene of the climatic last combats of the Quest. Tough for the Adventurers but not impossible.


  1. Jim, do you mind if I shamelessly steal your adventure?

    Very nicely done and avoids having 5 million bits of paper which I usually end up with when trying to put a dungeon together!

    1. Hi

      No problem as long as you acknowledge the source to your victims, sorry I mean playing group. You may want to do so after playing since some of them may look at my blog for a preview.

      Let me know if you need any of the cryptic notes or any references to Page so and so in the rules explained.

      Happy gaming!


    2. Absolutely Jim. Full credit will be given. I have dungeon tiles from Warhammer Quest and Advanced Heroquest which I can use - won't look as good as your dungeon box but should produce a good game.

    3. Go for it young man, go for it.

      And when you are there, blog it!!