Thursday, 8 March 2012

Macedonian Cavalry

Todays purchase via eBay is a unit of Macedonian Cavalry which I got for less than a pound each.

I am currently restoring my very old 25mm Greek army and I am a bit short of cavalry. These will bolster their numbers nicely.

They are part painted so I'll have to strip them before repainting. Some of the riders are painted quite nicely enough and would only need a touch up but I would find it difficult to match the paint job for the rest of the unpainted figures.

I hope to blog their transformation which starts tonight with a soaking in Dettol. This can take a few days to take effect depending on the type of paint used and whether there is a varnish coat.

Watch this space!

Half an hour later they go into a tub!

To be followed by some Dettol!

Keep watching (nothing for a few days).


  1. What rules are you using for 25-18 mil Jim?


  2. Hi Darrell

    I am not actually playing 25mm Ancients at the moment. When I do I am planning to start (or restart) using the 1976 version of Slim Mumfords Ancient Rules which were used widely throughout Scotland in the 70s and 80s.

    I am hoping to update them, retaining their 'old school' charm to make them friendlier in a sociable wargame experience and less of a vehicle for a 'rules lawyer' to bend this way or that.

    I am also planning to use these rules, or something very similar with my 10mm ancient armies. I am just finishing off an Ancient Indian army and I have both a Republican army and an Ancient Greek army in the pipeline.

    These rules are dependent on single figure casualties so that armies based for rulesets which use multi figure bases are less handy with them.


    1. Sounds very interesting. There's something to be said for some of the more mature rulesets being refitted for the modern era.


    2. I would hope that more than just mature wargamers will see their attractiveness.

      I plan to blog my activities when I get there.


  3. I meant Republican Roman above.