Friday, 30 March 2012

Macedonian Cavalry - the Paintjob

Remember the Macedonian cavalry.

They started of looking like this.

And then this.

Under attack from Dettol.

They are now ready to receive paint.

Shadow Grey for the saddle cloth.

Vermin Brown for the riders body.

Bestial Brown, Codex Grey, Vomit Brown, and Bleached Bone for the horses.

Manes and tails in contrasting colours.

Base in Bleached Bone.

Officers cloak in Mechrite Red.

Riders flesh in Bronzed Flesh.

Boots and helmet crest.

Horse tack in blue.

And all the fiddly bits.

Finally a wash in Windsor and Newton Nut Brown ink.

 And finally finally a coat of varnish and a magnetized plastic base.

Texturing will follow on later.


  1. It's always great to see a project completed.

    Good job on these. They didn't look too hopeful until the Dettol did it's work!

  2. I need them to perform on the battlefield to make them worth the effort.

  3. They look very good. Interesting to see the use of Dettol to remove paint. Down here in NZ, it has become quite common to use a household cleaner call Simple Green to remove paint. i may experiment with Dettol to se how well it works - esp. it it can quickly remove acrylic paint form models.

    1. Hi Uncle Brian

      Check out the price difference between Dettol and Simple Green first. In the UK Dettol can get a bit pricey depending on where you buy it and how big a bottle you get.

      I have heard some UK guys saying that they successfully used a cheap alternative to Dettol, something to do with a 'pine extract'.

      Dettol seems to be OK at removing most acrylic paints and varnishes. Be careful not to add water when scrubbing figures as this appears to emulsify and becomes a sticky mess.

      Dettol will also attack most glues which might be a good idea anyway.

      It may take a few days to soak through and you probably want to not do it in the house unless you are a batchelor.

      Dettol may struggle a bit with polyurethane varnishes but it will get there.

      Dettol may also have a problem with some car spray type paints which just goes sticky and stays on the figure.

      I have a batch of second hand figures coming to me via eBay. I am expecting their paint to be quite thick and possibly enamel. I may well given oven cleaner a go with them. I will report via this blog.


  4. Hi Jim,

    They look really good and I must try the Dettol trick - although away from the house I suspect!

    All the best,


    PS Was the original paint job in enamels?

    1. Hi David

      See my reply to Uncle Brian above.

      The Macedonian cavalry appeared to only have acrylic paint.