Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hexon Terrain

I am toying with the idea of buying some Hexon II terrain.

I'm sure many of you will either have some already or have seen some.

I am thinking of getting two sets of two tone flocked Green/Earth and one set of unflocked Blue. This will give me enough to make a 6 x 4 plain with the option of adding a beach edge.

I would also get some of the hill sets, maybe an escarpment or two and a mountain.

I think I would make my own 'lay on top' rivers and roads as they would also fit my standard table top.

Is anyone able to advise me on such a project? I will need some good advice before trying to twist Paul Kerrisons wallet!!


  1. Don't do it - unless you are very rich and don't mind chucking your money away.

    I personally think hex terrain looks very false, is not as useful or flexible and normal hills and you need an absolute bundle to put anything on..

    Just my 2p's worth. I'm sure other people will give a different view!

    1. Hi Phil

      I'm not very rich but I'm comfortable and I don't have any other expensive hobbies apart from being a tourist.

      The usefulness of the hexes in certain rulesets is the attractive feature.

      I have a cash gift which I would like to use for a single purpose and this fits the bill.

      I've also been in the hobby for 50 years or more so another £300 or so is a drop in the ocean compared to what I've spent already.

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. Jim,

    I have owned a range of Hexon II terrain for some time ... and it is one of the best things I have ever bought.

    The two-tone green/earth hexes are very versatile. Likewise the sand/grass combination is almost as versatile, and would be well worth thinking about for the future.

    I own a road and river set. The roads are rarely used (lengths of felt work just as well, are cheaper, 'stick' to the flock on the hex, and take up less storage space) but the rivers are worth considering ... but blue felt would work just as well.

    I hope that this is of help.

    All the best,


  3. Thanks Bob

    I already have 6-7 feet worth of lay-on stream/river made from resin and already painted. I just need to see how it looks superimposed above the 4 inch hexes. Their placement may be important if the hexes are used in the game for movement and firing.

    I think the road hexes are too scale specific since I will expect to be using 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm and 30mm figures.

    I'll keep your felt rivers and roads in mind though.

    Many thanks


  4. I think you'll need to have a serious think about what you want to use it for, I also think you'd be foolish to buy it without having seen in it the flesh.

    I'm a big fan of hex systems. I use a 5 inch hotz mat and make/buy my own terrain to fit. The main advantage that I can see of hexon is that it's useable out of the box. I had a look at it and felt it wasn't big enough for what I wanted.

    A purchase I would consider carefully.

    1. Hi Conrad

      I already have a substantial collection of Kallistra Medievals and their own ruleset is designed for 4 inch hexes. I would be able to use the Hexon terrain straight away.

      I also have a considerable number of other figure collections which could be used with a large hex table.

      I have seen them in the flesh so to speak so I'm not too concerned about buying them.

      I do note your comments.


  5. go for it I have a shed load and it's a great product, been adding to my collection for almost 20 years and the stuff I bought then looks just as good as the stuff I bought last week! I pimp up most of my hexon stuff it's so versatile I use it for all my projects from 6mm to 15mm. Enjoy! check out many pics of my Hexon stuff on my facebook page Daniel Hodgson Reveille Studios, cheers Dan