Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Doomed, We Are All Doomed

I usually play with a small group of friends at my Club (SESWC) on a Thursday evening. These games usually have to be short and sweet as playing time is limited to about 3 hours or they have to be able to be stored away and restarted a following week.

My club is the South East of Scotland Wargames Club and they have their own website at:

The game my group is currently playing is boardgame called DOOM. Details can be found at:

The storyline is that there has been a security breach in the Union Aerospace Corporations Mars base and that a group of Marines (played by three of my friends) have to investigate and resolve the situation. As you can see they are a pretty mean bunch and think nothing of slaughtering anything that moves.

I get to play the Invader and try to stop (well kill) them and prevent them from doing so. I never seem to get enough monsters to stake my claim to the base getting only a few at a time. These few are typical but usually provide little resistance.

I sometimes get more effective chappies who will hopefully dish out a bit more pain to the Marines.

It is early in the game but I know that I will get more effective monsters later on. Big brutes that look like this.

And then I might get some of these.

And finally I will get some of these (whoopee do).

I never get as many as these!!


  1. Lovely painted figures, the gaming group I'm in are big fans of the game- though I'm mocked for my resemblance to bald headed zombie miniature... have you played it with marine versus marine yet? The relevant rules are in the expansion.



  2. Hi Pete

    Thanks for the nice comments on the painting. Unfortunately they are the best I can do these days. Forty years ago I would have been proud of them. Twenty years ago I would have been embarrassed by them. Now I think they are just fine.

    No to the Marine versus Marine option. I wasn't aware of it and given the current rate of playing in my group it will be a while.


  3. I love the work you put into the bases! I too recommend the expansion, it's great fun.

    Coincidence: I'm going to be heading your way very shortly and will happily Doom with you at SESWC!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments!

      Unfortunately recent events have resulted in my curtailing of attendance at SESWC. However it is a big club and I'm sure you will get some takers.